“Osborn creates mature characters with depth in what is, finally a literary romance that will appeal to readers who profess not to read romances.”
Rebecca Vnuck, Booklist Online

“Carolyn Osborn tackles the knotty quandary of re-embracing life as the end days loom in her wise, eloquent new novel Contrary People.
Steve Bennett, San Antonio Express News

“Osborn’s quietly powerful novel is at its core about that middle spot between between stoically going it alone and learning to lean on others, if for just a moment.”
Joe O’Connell, Austin American-Statesman

“Osborn (has) rewarding observations about love, loss, and what families sacrifice when they choose to scatter across the country.”
Martha Sheridan, Dallas Morning News

“In two recently published novels…she writes of youthful awakening in Galveston (Uncertain Ground) and a second youth for a retired professor in Austin (Contrary People) . She has earned a place as one of Texas’ finest writers with prose that is precise and full of heart, and this book of Tennessee (Where We Are Now) exemplifies that.”
Joe O’Connell, Austin American Statesman 

“One of the state’s most lyrical perceptive writers…Carolyn Osborn returns with another of her wise and wonderful portraits of everyday, extraordinary people.”
Steve Bennett, San Antonio Express News

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